And The Fool is Wigan

23 Agu

New two-week English League 2010/2011 season started, has created sixty goals. Last weekend made even 18 goals from three games, with the same score: 6-0.

Exactly, from 19 games 61 goals laid out already born. That means, on average, 3.2 goals the match result. That does not include the results of big match Liverpool versus Manchester City tonight.

In the first week created 26 goals. The biggest contributor was the party of counter Chelsea West Bromwich Albion, a 6-0 result for the Blues. Blackpool campaign team also contribute when beat Wigan 4-0, as the party of endless Sunderland-Birmingham 2-2.

In the second week on Saturday (08/21/2010) and then, two games with a score of 6-0. Chelsea do it again, this time when Wigan travel to the headquarters. Arsenal first kickoff, partying too much time entertaining goals Blackpool at the Emirates Stadium.

Then Sunday night, his defeat at Newcastle United to pay the first party – beaten 0-3 by Manchester United – Aston Villa with a crushing score of 6-0. It comes 21-year-old players figure named Andy Carroll, who scored a hat-trick, following in the footsteps Didier Drogba (Chelsea) and Theo Walcott (Arsenal).

Chelsea are top of the standings, and of course became the most prolific team with less 12 goals so far.

“If you have a character, after getting into trouble you will get motivation. I think the England players get more motivation from the World Cup,” said Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti linked his team a great start.

“They’ve all come back with good motives, and I think they are in good condition. The physical condition of English players like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole are now very good.”

Meanwhile, Wigan are a team bottom of the standings: two-party, zero points, has not scored a goal, had conceded 10. No wonder if manager Roberto Martinez has been rocked issue of dismissal.

“I do not want to waste time worrying about it. During the last season we also get a major defeat that is not feasible we get. I’ve got a young team, and I know very well the ability of this team. I strongly believe in them,” excuse Martinez was quoted in The Sun.

Last season Wigan humiliated in such a manner by two opponents. In November their faces made Tottenham Hotspur 1-9, then shaved 0-8 in final game at home to Chelsea.

I Just thinking, how does fool wigan do the worst match  ever in twice last season an twice at the new season, hope last night was the last humiliated match for wigan, and all the team must have to control their defend just not to make more goal (coz more goal it doesn’t mean a good league/match competition. We Should Worry because it is less compete in the competition, less challenging. As Even not only wigan did it, but Aston villa, Blackpool or any other should take care the team by less goal losing. No more like this, even i do like there are many goal, but I don’t like when some team being humiliated.

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